9-Day Exotic Honeymoon in Tanzania

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Romantic 9-Day Exotic Honeymoon in Tanzania

Celebrate your love with a uniquely romantic and adventurous honeymoon in Tanzania. This 9-day itinerary blends luxurious accommodations with thrilling wildlife encounters and serene landscapes, creating cherished memories to deepen your bond. From romantic golfing and night game drives to horseback riding and exploring the legendary Serengeti, each day offers a perfect mix of relaxation and excitement.

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Day to day

Day 1: Arrival in Tanzania

Upon arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport, you will be warmly greeted by a proficient guide. Toast to your honeymoon with a glass of champagne before being peacefully transferred to Arusha for an overnight stay. Enjoy a romantic dinner at your hotel, nestled in a tranquil environment.

Day 2: Romantic Golfing and Visit to Shanga

Start your day with a leisurely breakfast with captivating views at your hotel. Golf carts will transport you to a romantic golfing spot, complete with food setups to enhance your experience. In the afternoon, visit Shanga at Arusha Coffee to witness inspiring activities where disability gains ability. Return to your hotel for dinner and a relaxing evening.

Day 3: Night Game Drive at Lake Manyara

Enjoy a leisurely drive to the Manyara Region and check into your hotel. Relax, dine, and anticipate an exciting game drive. Experience the thrill of a night game drive in this haven of fierce cats and abundant nocturnal sightings. Marvel at the moon's reflection on the lake and the haunting shadows of the Earth's scars. Stay awake for an unforgettable three-hour night drive, honeymooning under the clear night skies amidst the wilderness.

Day 4: Horse Riding at Manor

After a lazy morning reliving the excitement of last night's game drive, enjoy a late breakfast. In the afternoon, journey to Karatu and discover the luxurious Enirovin Manor, where leisure meets luxury. Embrace the charm of horseback riding through coffee plantations, reminiscing about your journey together. Enjoy a scenic hour-long ride before dining and embracing the romance of the night at your elegant accommodation.

Day 5: Explore the Ancient Caldera

In the cool town of Karatu, enjoy a hot breakfast to prepare for an exciting day ahead. Drive through the Ngorongoro Highlands and descend into the African Eden Garden – the Ngorongoro Crater. Explore the crater, home to over 300 species of wildlife, including the majestic rhinoceros. Enjoy a picnic lunch by a hippo pool before continuing with game drives in the crater. Afterward, ascend and drive to the crater rim for an overnight stay.


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Day 6: Fly to the Serengeti

Awakened by an early morning call, head to Ngorongoro Airstrip for your flight to the Serengeti. Upon arrival in Seronera, your naturalist guide will lead you on an adventure through this legendary wildlife sanctuary. The Serengeti, the country's second-largest park, boasts vast savannah grasslands providing optimal game-watching opportunities. Witness antelopes, buffaloes, hyenas, African elephants, giraffes, and big cats in their natural habitat. Prepare for a captivating sundowner to enhance your first night in the Serengeti.

Days 7-8: Exploring the Legendary Serengeti

A fairytale honeymoon should include the Serengeti, a charming and captivating area in Africa known for unbeatable game drives. Experience dramatic hunting opportunities, glimpses of leopards, and the majestic movements of wildebeest. Encounter an array of imaginative cat species that will leave you astonished. Take time to cuddle and relax at your hotel and enjoy romantic sundowner moments in the wilderness of the Serengeti. Enjoy hot lunches and picnics amidst nature, creating lasting memories.

Day 9: Departure

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast, savoring the last moments of romance in the Swahili lands. Then, head to the airport for a flight to Arusha, followed by a transfer to Kilimanjaro International Airport for your flight home. Wishing you an everlasting wedded life!


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