When to Climb Kilimanjaro

When to Climb Kilimanjaro

Choosing the right time to climb Kilimanjaro is crucial for a successful and enjoyable trek. Here are the best times to climb and what to expect during each season:

Best Time to Climb

The best times to climb Kilimanjaro are during the dry seasons, which offer the most favorable weather conditions:

January to March

  • Weather: Cool, clear, and dry.
  • Pros: Less crowded compared to other peak periods, and the mountain is often snow-capped, adding to the scenic beauty.
  • Cons: Can be colder, especially at night and at higher altitudes.

June to October

  • Weather: Warm and dry.
  • Pros: This is the busiest trekking season due to the excellent weather. The trails are less slippery, and the risk of rain is lower.
  • Cons: Higher number of trekkers can make the routes more crowded.

Other Times to Consider


  • Weather: Early December can still offer good trekking conditions before the short rains start.
  • Pros: Moderate crowd levels and reasonably good weather.
  • Cons: Potential for occasional rain.

April to May (Rainy Season)

  • Weather: Wet, with heavy rains.
  • Pros: Fewer crowds, lush vegetation, and a quieter trekking experience.
  • Cons: Slippery trails, higher risk of rain and mud, and more challenging trekking conditions.

November (Short Rains)

  • Weather: Intermittent short rains.
  • Pros: Fewer trekkers, making for a quieter experience.
  • Cons: Unpredictable weather with occasional rain, making some parts of the trail muddy and slippery.

Full Moon Climbs

Climbing during a full moon can be a magical experience. The bright moonlight illuminates the trails, making night hiking easier and enhancing the overall experience. The summit night, especially, is spectacular under the full moonlight, providing stunning views and a unique atmosphere.

Choosing the Right Time

When deciding when to climb, consider your personal preferences and what you aim to get out of the experience:

  • For the Best Weather: Aim for January to March or June to October.
  • For Fewer Crowds: Consider climbing in early December, April to May, or November.
  • For a Unique Experience: Plan your trek around a full moon for enhanced visibility and a special summit night experience.

No matter when you choose to climb, proper preparation and choosing a reputable trekking company are key to a safe and successful Kilimanjaro experience.