Kilimanjaro Packing List

What to Pack for Kilimanjaro Climb

Although Kilimanjaro is considered to be the simplest trekking among Seven Summits, this expedition shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Packing your Kilimanjaro kit is one of the most essential steps on the way to a positive Kilimanjaro trek. This page is full of recommendations, though, most of them unavoidably fail to explain why a certain piece of equipment is a must-have while others may be left at home.

We have accumulated our packing guide so that even a complete beginner could use it as an orientation, though some references might be obvious to seasoned mountain climbers. Also, you can find more information about Kili climbing in this article.

Most items mentioned in this article are absolutely necessary. Those regarded as comfort enhancers have been marked as “optional”.

What to Pack for Kilimanjaro Climb?

  • You can hire the essential gear on the spot when you arrive in Tanzania. Those who don’t want to carry the entire bulk of their climbing gear to Tanzania can always hire it on the spot from our rental shop. And it’s more budget friendly to hire from us than to buy new.
  • For first-time hikers or anyone who doesn’t have their own mountain gear, renting is a much more reasonable choice than capitalizing in top-quality gear you may only use one time. We are the only company in the region to provide our clients with gear from such brands as The North Face, Marmot and Red Fox straight from our own store, the biggest in the Arusha region. All equipment is clean and in perfect condition as we renew our stock twice a year.
  • Avoid buying the cheapest gear. There’s no need to spend a fortune on buying branded clothes and footwear, and yet low-quality items should not be an option either, no matter how attractive the price. After all, it is your safety and comfort at stake. On today’s market you can find plenty of high-quality alternatives at affordable prices.

Download a full guide on What to Pack for your Kilimanjaro Climbing.

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